Biden campaign amps up focus on Trump, starting with Jan. 6 speech

The Biden campaign is ramping up its focus on President Donald Trump in the days leading up to his farewell address in light of the violence at the US Capitol earlier this month.

The Biden campaign is aiming to put President Trump’s actions and words in front of the American people in the clearest and most direct way possible. In addition to including frequent clips from his speeches and commenting on his recent behavior in the media, the Biden campaign is planning to release a series of ads that will target Trump ahead of his speech. This includes sharing previously released videos detailing the consequences of Trump’s policies and decisions, and highlighting prominent moments in his failed presidency.

By doing this, the Biden campaign is hoping to make it clear to the American people what’s at stake in the upcoming election. They will make it clear that President Trump has weakened America’s standing in the world, failed to uphold our core American values, and has actively worked to undermine our nation’s fundamental democratic institutions. The Biden campaign is also urging the public to reject the president’s rhetoric, which they believe has encouraged division and violence.

The Biden campaign is hoping that this strong focus on President Trump will make it clear to all that the future of our democracy is at stake in the upcoming election. They believe that with this effort, they can effectively contrast Biden’s leadership and vision with Trump’s damaging legacy.

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