Roberts sidesteps Supreme Court’s ethics controversies in yearly report

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts issued his annual Year-End Report on the Federal Judiciary on New Year’s Eve and notably sidestepped the controversy surrounding the court’s Ethics and Conduct. The report, which is usually used as an opportunity for the Chief Justice to address any issues raised previously, briefly referred to the conduct of some Supreme Court justices but did not detail the specifics. The report states “the members of the Court are acutely aware of the place of the Court in our constitutional system and are mindful of their responsibility to interpret the law and the Constitution without fear or favor.” The controversy surrounded the decision of the court in Bush v. Gore and the subsequent extremism of Justice Clarence Thomas. Roberts, one of the court’s most practical and conservative judges, gave no statement on either issue. The report concluded with Roberts stating that he believes the Courts of the United States continue to serve and protect all of its citizens.

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