Trump to skip GOP debate in Iowa, hold competing town hall

President Donald Trump announced Thursday that he will skip this week’s GOP debate in Iowa and will instead host a competing town hall on the rival network near the same time.

The town hall, which will be on Fox News, is scheduled to air just two hours before the Des Moines-based Republican debate.

Trump has been at odds with the Republican National Committee (RNC) and Fox News, with the president accusing the network of pandering to his opponents.

“I told @FoxNews that I wouldn’t do the debate unless they paid me five million dollars,” he tweeted Thursday. “They said no. I will instead attend the separate event on [Fox News] with my supporters. With millions of people.”

Trump also indicated that he may hold more events to avoid future debates.

“I will do the same thing with the other networks and debate hosts,” the president wrote. “While I refuse to give them the money they are asking for, I remain willing to attend the debates.”

The RNC said in a statement that it will continue to honor its agreement with Fox News and that Trump will not be part of the debate.

“We look forward to a robust debate among the four remaining candidates,” the organization said.

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