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Supreme Court conservatives seem dubious about SEC’s in-house tribunals

Supreme Court conservatives have expressed their skepticism when it comes to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) in-house tribunals. These tribunals give the SEC the power to bypass the nation’s court system and adjudicate financial disputes through a panel of administrative judges. The Court’s concerns are that the in-house tribunals might undermine the citizen’s right […]Read More

UAW autoworkers officially ratified new contract, union says

United Auto Workers (UAW) members officially ratified a new four-year national contract with the Detroit Three automakers on Friday. The agreement came after a month-long voting period, with 67% of workers voting in favor of the deal. The contract includes wage increases, improved health care benefits, and commitments from the automakers to invest in plants […]Read More

SoFi to Exit Crypto Business Amid Increased Regulatory Scrutiny

SoFi, the online lending and financial services company, announced that it will be exiting its nascent cryptocurrency business due to increased regulatory scrutiny. SoFi had recently launched cryptocurrency trading in March 2021 and offered a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin Cash, to its customers. SoFi cited the recent volatility […]Read More

Ukrainian Lawmakers Mull Two Crypto Tax Bills

Ukranian lawmakers are considering two bills that would tax cryptocurrency transactions. The draft laws are designed to regulate the operations of cryptocurrency in the country. The proposals have been submitted to the Ukrainian parliament and, if passed, the new regulations would require individuals and companies that engage in cryptocurrency activities, such as buying and selling […]Read More

OpenAI employees threaten to quit en masse after former CEO

OpenAI employees have reportedly threatened to quit en masse after former CEO Sam Altman joined Microsoft. According to Bloomberg, some employees were angered by Altman’s decision to become a Microsoft corporate vice president and strategy leader, citing concerns over Microsoft’s ownership of OpenAI and the company’s lack of commitment to transparency and openness. Altman left […]Read More

How Christie could help Haley if he dropped out

If Christie dropped out, he could help Haley in a variety of ways. He could endorse Haley and urge his supporters to vote for her. He could use his connections to introduce her to potential donors. He could also use his influence to help Haley reach new voters through his media contacts. Additionally, Christie could […]Read More