European Union regulators accuse Apple of breaching the bloc’s tech rules

The European Union competition commission has accused Apple of violating antitrust laws within their jurisdiction. The accusation stems from an ongoing disagreement between Apple and Spotify. Spotify lodged a complaint in 2019, accusing the tech giant of favoring its own Apple Music streaming service, and restricting competitors like Spotify from being able to fully and fairly compete on the platform.

The main issue revolves around Apple’s requirement that certain app developers use its in-app purchase system for any subscriptions sold in their apps, which subsequently allows Apple to take a 15-30% commission. Spotify and others argue this fee inflates costs for consumers. There is also a complaint against Apple preventing app developers from telling consumers about cheaper ways to subscribe to their services outside of the app.

If found guilty, Apple could face a significant fine and be forced to adjust their business practices within the European Union. This case comes amidst a global scrutiny of big tech companies and their control over digital markets.

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