Advertisers boost spending at retailers such as Walmart and Amazon as TV shrinks

It seems you’re interested in the evolving landscape of advertising. In recent years, companies have been increasing their advertising budgets on leading retail outlets like Walmart and Amazon. This is largely due to the changing dynamics of consumer behavior as more people are shopping online.

As TV viewership is shrinking, especially among the younger demographics, advertisers are also shifting their focus to digital platforms where they can reach a larger and more targeted audience. Retailers like Walmart and Amazon provide advertisers with immense data on consumer behavior, helping advertisers to tailor their campaigns effectively.

Furthermore, these retailers are expanding their digital advertising platforms. For instance, Walmart’s advertising arm, Walmart Connect, is growing as it promises to deliver ads to Walmart’s customers in-store and online. Similarly, Amazon Advertising provides businesses with solutions to make their products discovered by millions of shoppers.

To sum up, the convergence of e-commerce and digital advertising is leading advertisers to channel more of their spending towards retailers like Walmart and Amazon which enable them to reach huge, analytics-ready audiences.

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