Far-right coalition in European Parliament expels Germany’s AfD party following comments about SS soldiers

The far-right Identity and Democracy (ID) group in the European Parliament has expelled the German Alternative for Germany (AfD) party following controversial comments about the Schutzstaffel (SS) soldiers during Nazi rule. The expulsion comes amid increasing concern over extremist rhetoric within the party.

The controversial statements reportedly praised the Nazi-era Waffen-SS soldiers. Such comments are not only offensive to many individuals but they also violate laws in numerous countries where it is illegal to glorify or trivialize Nazi atrocities. The decision to expel the party from the ID group was made to disassociate from such views and to maintain a united front against any form of extremism.

This decision will have political implications for the AfD as their influence within the parliament is likely to be impacted due to loss of membership in the ID bloc. However, the party can still participate in parliamentary proceedings as non-inscrits, or non-attached members.

Remember that the situation might evolve, and further actions might be taken based on the AfD’s stance and response to this situation. The European Parliament is committed to uphold democratic values and prevent the resurgence of extremist ideologies that have caused immense harm in the past.

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