Chevy Bolt owners to receive settlement checks after successful class-action suit over faulty batteries

Chevrolet recently reached a settlement in a class-action lawsuit filed by owners of Chevy Bolt electric vehicles (EVs) after a number of Bolt vehicles experienced battery issues, causing fire risks. Consequently, those who were part of the lawsuit can expect reimbursement checks.

The crux of the lawsuit was the faulty and fire-risk batteries that led to Chevrolet recalling the affected Bolt EVs and Bolt EUVs. The general vehicle recall caused depreciation in vehicle value and additional expenses to the owners.

According to the settlement terms, Chevy agreed to compensate owners for loss of use of the vehicle, diminution in the value of the vehicle, repair costs, and other related damages. The amount of the settlement will vary per vehicle and owner, based on various factors intertwining with the case’s circumstances, such as how long the vehicle was unusable, the cost of replacement or repair, any depreciation in value, and other incurred expenses.

The owners who are part of the lawsuit will be directly notified and the process of issuing the checks will start once all the paperwork is completed. Please note that only eligible Bolt owners who are included in the class-action suit will receive a settlement check. If you think you should be a part of this class action but haven’t been contacted, it is advisable to get in touch with Chevrolet or a legal advisor to understand your eligibility.

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