The Dominican Republic votes on Sunday. Here’s what to know

The Dominican Republic’s elections usually come with a lot of anticipation as voters pick their leaders. It’s important to understand the key elements surrounding such an event. Here are a few elements that you should know as the election day approaches:

1. What’s at Stake: Dominican Republic’s elections involve electing the president, vice-president, and members of the legislative branch – Congress and Senate. Often, the presidential race brings the most attention, as the outcome will determine the country’s policy direction.

2. Candidates: It’s crucial to know key candidates, their political parties and their proposed policies. Also keep an eye on their background, political history and public sentiment towards them.

3. Election Procedure: In the Dominican Republic, the president is elected through a two-round system. If no candidate receives an absolute majority in the first round, a runoff is held between the top two candidates.

4. Issues: The election might be influenced by ongoing national or global issues that are affecting the Dominican Republic, such as economy, infrastructure, social issues, corruption, crime, or public health matters like the COVID-19 pandemic.

5. Predictions and Polls: Forecasts and polls leading up to the election can provide some insight into potential outcomes. However, remember, these are estimates and the actual results can be different.

6. Past Results: Review of past election results and political trends could give an idea on how this election might swing.

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