Johnson rebukes Biden, Schumer over blocked Israel aid as House votes to force bomb deliveries

Senator Ron Johnson has criticized President Joe Biden and Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer over a blocked package of aid for Israel. This comes as the House of Representatives votes on a measure to force the delivery of bombs to the Israeli military.

Johnson expressed his disapproval of the delay in aid, regarding it as a setback to the U.S.-Israel relationship. He claimed that the stalling on aid is a sign of hostility towards Israel from the Biden administration and the Democratic leadership in the Senate.

“The Biden administration’s and Schumer’s blocking of the replenishment of Israel’s Iron Dome and other defensive capabilities sends the wrong message to our allies around the world,” Johnson argued. He also maintained that this action could potentially embolden Israel’s adversaries.

The controversy surrounds a $735 million weapons sale to Israel, including the delivery of precision-guided bombs. This military aid was agreed upon before the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas. However, its final approval has been held up, leading to the House’s vote to force the delivery.

Schumer and the Biden administration have not yet responded to Johnson’s comments. President Biden has previously expressed his unwavering support for Israel’s security and its right to defend itself but has also called for a more balanced approach towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Additionally, this rebuke occurs amid a larger conversation about the U.S.’s relationship with Israel and foreign aid more generally. Some Democrats have been increasingly vocal about their concerns related to U.S. aid to Israel, particularly in

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