Biden, Democrats push hard to put North Carolina in play

Former Vice President Joe Biden and fellow Democrats are ramping up their efforts to make North Carolina a competitive state in the upcoming election. This move comes as part of a broader strategy to enlarge the electoral map, aiming for states that have been traditionally Republican in recent years.

Overall, the Democrats’ efforts in North Carolina involve robust on-the-ground campaigning, TV and digital ad buys, and efforts to motivate the typically under-represented voters. This state with its 15 electoral votes could play a key role in deciding the election.

With its rapidly diversifying demographic and an increasing population of college-educated voters, North Carolina is seen as a potential swing state by the Biden campaign. Furthermore, the election of a Democrat governor in 2016 has also given hope to Democrats for the state’s potential swing to them in the upcoming election.

However, winning North Carolina is still a daunting task for Democrats since it last voted for a Democrat for president in 2008 when Barack Obama narrowly won the state. Since then, the state’s voters have tilted toward the Republican candidates.

To balance it out, Republicans have also been focusing on North Carolina. They’ve planned campaign stops by President Trump and members of his family, hoping to secure the state’s electoral votes.

In conclusion, North Carolina’s electoral outcome will be vital for both the parties and it remains a fiercely contested battlefield.

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