Supreme Court chief justice report urges caution on use of AI ahead of contentious election year

In a public report released on Tuesday, Chief Justice John Roberts of the Supreme Court urged caution on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the upcoming contentious election year. The report contended that artificial intelligence could easily be used to manipulate the electoral process, and proposed that “judges, lawyers, and citizens exercise caution in the use of AI-based technologies to ensure free and fair elections”.

The report was prompted by a rising demand for data-driven decisions in U.S. elections, which could be easily manipulated by AI. In particular, the report highlighted the danger of voter suppression, manipulation of voter data, and disenfranchisement – behavior that could be facilitated by AI-based algorithms.

In the report, Chief Justice Roberts argued that “there is substantial value in a rule of caution when it comes to the use of artificial intelligence in our elections”. He further noted that “by taking the time to understand the potential consequences of AI-based technologies, our nation will better protect itself against its potential risks and abuses”.

Further, the report called on local election officials, judges, and lawyers to be cautious when considering the use of AI technology in elections. The report suggested that public confidence in the election process is at risk, and encouraged government officials to do their best to make sure AI technology is not abused in any way. Lastly, the report underscored the “importance of educating citizens about their rights and participating in the electoral process”.

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