Jewish seminary in Israel: Gaza border reopens following deadly Hamas terror attack

There have been several attempts at reopening the Gaza border in the wake of the Hamas terror attack that killed four Israelis in 2018. However, these have been met by obstacles, such as the closure of the border by Israel in response to rocket fire from Gaza and ongoing tensions between the two sides.

In April 2019, the seminary reached an agreement with the Israeli government to allow its students to travel through the Erez Border Crossing, the only existing route from Gaza into Israel. The students, all Israeli citizens, were accompanied by soldiers from the Israel Defense Forces, and had to take buses and receive permits from the Israeli government.

The agreement, which was praised by the Israeli defense minister Avigdor Lieberman as a “significant development,” allowed the seminary’s students to leave Gaza legally, allowing them to access Jewish seminaries in Israel for the first time in years.

The reopening of the Erez Border Crossing also highlights the ongoing conflict in the region, and the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In addition to the difficulties faced by students from Gaza, little progress has been made in the reconciliation process between the two sides, and the region remains plagued by violence and political unrest.

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