Worldcoin Foundation Launches $5 Million Community Grants Program’ Wave0′

The Worldcoin Foundation today announced the launch of Wave0, the first ever community grants program. This $5 million initiative will support the development of projects and initiatives that benefit the worldcoin community and strengthen the ecosystem.

Wave0 grants will be awarded to eligible projects that aim to drive the use of worldcoin as a global currency.

The goal of the Wave0 program is to foster innovation and growth among the worldcoin community by providing direct investment and resources to projects. The grants will range from small amounts to larger investments into more complex initiatives.

To be eligible, applicants must demonstrate that their projects are innovative, cost effective, and will have a positive long-term result on the worldcoin ecosystem.

The Wave0 grant program is open to individuals, teams, and organizations of all sizes that are looking to push the boundaries of the crypto-currency space. The foundation will make final selection decisions based on the quality of the proposal and it’s potential to benefit the worldcoin community.

The Worldcoin Foundation will be accepting applications until midnight on December 31st, 2021. Further details of the process and application guidelines can be found on the website at wave0-grants/

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