Christie insists antisemitism in US not a ‘rise’ but ‘unmasking’: ‘It’s been there’

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie insists antisemitism in the United States is not on the rise, but rather that the already existing hate is being “unmasked” and coming to the surface.

Christie made the remarks during a press conference at the Beach Haven Chabad Jewish Center on the Jersey Shore. He spoke of the need for increased community outreach and education to address the problem, especially among the millennial generation.

“This anti-Semitic sentiment has not been newly created; it’s been there,” Christie said. “It’s just been unmasked and it’s been given voice more and more in certain areas.” In order to combat the problem, he called on people to be more mindful of the language they use and to treat everyone with respect.

The governor also noted the importance of allies standing up for victims of discrimination and hate crimes, stating that it is fundamental for people to speak out against such oppressive behavior.

“We need a commitment outside of those groups of people who are feeling this oppression to stand up and oppose it in every way, shape, and form,” Christie said.

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