Biden camp weighs joining TikTok to sway young voters months after purging app from federal devices: report

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is reportedly weighing the possibility of joining TikTok in order to reach the app’s massive audience of young users. The move would come months after the Trump administration moved to purge the app from federal devices.

This potential move by Biden comes as the Trump administration attempts to ban TikTok due to security and data privacy concerns. Biden has already come out in opposition to Trump’s ban, saying that he does not believe it is necessary and that it may be politically motivated.

Given Biden’s stance on the ban and the fact that he plans to invest heavily in youth outreach efforts, joining TikTok could be an effective way to target young voters. The Biden campaign has already expressed interest in leveraging the platform for its messaging, and the Democratic National Committee has tapped a Reddit and TikTok expert to head up its youth outreach efforts.

It remains to be seen whether the Biden campaign will make the move to join TikTok, but it could prove to be an effective way of reaching younger voters who might not be actively following the presidential race or Biden himself.

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