Gaza hospital ‘surrounded by tanks’ as other healthcare facilities say they’ve been damaged by Israeli strikes

The Al-Wafa Hospital in Gaza City has been surrounded by Israeli tanks, according to Palestinian officials, as other healthcare facilities said they have been damaged by Israeli strikes amid the deadliest violence in the region in years between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants.

The head of the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza, Dr. Yousef Abu Al-Rish, said that tanks have surrounded Al-Wafa Hospital and called for an immediate intervention. The hospital, which specializes in rehabilitation, is a part of the larger Shifa Hospital complex.

The Guardian reported that a doctor from inside the hospital said that the situation is “awful” and that they could not provide care due to the Israeli military presence.

The United Nations has said that at least nine other healthcare facilities have been damaged by Israeli strikes in the region since Monday, including a mental health clinic, and a training center for nurses and other personnel. An ambulance was also reportedly damaged, leaving two civilians injured.

The UN has expressed grave concern over the escalating violence and the impact it is having on civilians and health facilities and warned that health services in Gaza are already overwhelmed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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