She fled the Israeli army as a young woman. Now in her 90s, she is running again


In her youth, Fania Bergstein ran away from her hometown of Kfar Saba in western Israel to escape mobbing by the Israeli army. With her family in tow, she journeyed hard across the country into safety. Now, as a woman in her 90’s, Bergstein is running again, this time in the form of a successful 100-meter dash at the 2017 Open Masters National Championships in Tel Aviv, the first Israeli centenarian to ever compete in a race. She placed third in her group and fifth overall with a time of 20.24 seconds. “If there’s a will, there’s a way,” Bergstein says. Bergstein’s story is an inspiring example of an elderly person embracing their passion for athletics and embodying the phrase “age is just a number.” It is a reminder to us all that age is not a limitation, and what matters most is the will to keep on living.

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