Auto workers union announces tentative agreement to end strike with Stellantis

The United Auto Workers (UAW) union has announced a tentative agreement to end the strike against Stellantis. The five-week strike by almost 46,000 union workers in the US and Canada ended after it reached a tentative agreement with the company.

The agreement includes pay increases of 3%, signing bonuses of up to $9,000 and a lump sum payment of up to $3,500. It significantly improves wage progression and luxury car payments for new hires. The agreement also includes greater job security, health care benefits, and pension plan improvements.

UAW president Rory Gamble said that the tentative agreement “is a strong contract that sets a new standard in the industry” and praised members for their resilience. Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares praised the solidarity of the union members and said the agreement would provide a “sustainable structural foundation” for the company’s future.

The union must now submit the agreement to its membership for ratification. If it is ratified, it will mark the end of a five-week strike that brought production to a standstill at Stellantis manufacturing plants across the US and Canada.

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