Live Nation spars with senator over its vow to ditch hidden ticket fees

Live Nation, one of the world’s leading live entertainment and ticketing companies, is sparring with a California senator over its promise to get rid of hidden ticket fees.

The company has promised Senator Richard Pan that it will do away with hidden fees, but Pan is questioning how the company plans to implement the promise. He wants Live Nation to make tickets “all-in” — meaning the total cost would be included in the advertised prices.

In an exchange of letters between Pan and Live Nation, Pan requested an explanation of the company’s plans to “eliminate hidden fees” and suggested that all-in pricing was the best way to do this. Live Nation responded with a statement saying it is “committing to reducing service fees while ensuring the the pricing is clear.”

That response leaves room for Live Nation to continue charging fees, but not advertise it or factor it into the prices.

Pan argues that without all-in pricing customers will continue to be misled, and he has asked Live Nation to address the issue. The company has yet to respond.

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