Feiyu & Shinyin


Feiyu & Shinyin


Business Plan

Feiyu & Shinyin is a small business endeavor that specializes in the

development and production of HDTV LCDs. The primary objectives of the

business are to provide a quality product with national advertising and marketing

in order to secure a profitable return for the business partners.

Company Description

Feiyu & Shinyin is a partnership between two entrepreneurs, Mr. Ian Bright

and Mr. Steven Lee. The two have been friends since their college days and

have united to create a business venture they both believe will be successful.

Feiyu & Shinyin’s headquarters will be located in the city of New York. The

company will focus on the manufacture and distribution of high-end HDTV


Market Analysis Summary

The demand for higher-end LCD TVs is a rapidly-growing market. According to

consumer research, the purchase of HDTV LCDs is growing at an average of

20% annually. This growth is largely attributed to questions of picture quality

that have plagued the LCD market since its emergence in the late 1990s. New

technology, such as the LCD panel found in Feiyu & Shinyin’s HDTVs, offers

consumers the crystal clear picture quality that they are looking for at a competitive


Strategy and Implementation Summary

Feiyu & Shinyin’s primary goal is to establish their brand as a leader in the HDTV

LCD market. To achieve this goal, the company will emphasize marketing

and sales through a national distribution channel. Advertising efforts will focus

on highlighting the superior picture quality of the product, creating a strong

affinity with consumers. Additionally, the company will look to leverage its

location in New York to create strategic partnerships with popular technology

magazines and other media outlets. Feiyu & Shinyin will also focus on providing

top-notch customer service and support through a network of trained professionals.

Financial Plan

The majority of Feiyu & Shinyin’s capital will come from the two founding

partners. The company anticipates securing additional capital from private

investors and lenders. Feiyu & Shinyin estimates that the startup costs for the

business will total $400,000. The company expects to reach profitability in Year

Two, with an estimated profit margin of 10%.


Feiyu & Shinyin is a promising business endeavor with the potential for

significant returns. With an innovative product, an attractive market, and a

strategic focus on marketing and sales, the company is poised for success. The

founding partners’ knowledge and experience, combined with a sound business

plan, should help to set Feiyu & Shinyin apart from its competitors.

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