Bitcoin Ordinals Marketplace Ordswap Hit With Phishing Attack

The anonymous decentralized Bitcoin (BTC) marketplace Ordswap has been hit with a phishing attack targeting its users. The attackers have been attempting to deceive users in order to gain access to their funds. The attackers have been sending out fake messages which look like legitimate emails from the platform, with links to phishing sites. The links contain malicious software that is designed to steal personal information and passwords.

The attack was first reported on Monday, 16 June. The official Twitter account of Ordswap immediately notified users of the incident and urged victims not to engage with the fraudulent messages. The company also warned users to be vigilant as they may come across similar scams in the future.

Ordswap is an automated trading platform that enables users to buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC) without the need of a third party or middleman. It provides peer-to-peer trades and allows users to trade directly with each other without the need for geographical restrictions.

Ordswap is committed to protecting its users from potential security threats, ensuring that all communication to and from the platform is secure. This incident serves as an important reminder to all crypto users that it is important to be aware of the risks associated with engaging with online marketplaces and platforms. It is also important to ensure your passwords and personal information is secure, and never share it with third parties or websites you don’t trust.

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