Microsoft Plans Expand Support for Crypto Wallets Across Next Generation of Hardware Products, Documents Suggest

Microsoft is reportedly planning to expand its support for cryptocurrency wallets across its new hardware products. According to documents obtained by tech publication the Verge, the company is preparing to add support for crypto wallets including Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies to its upcoming generation of hardware products such as the Surface Pro and the Xbox Series X.

The documents suggest that Microsoft is preparing to build a “Crypto Integration” feature into its hardware products, which would allow users to set up and manage their crypto wallets and securely store their private keys. In addition, the feature could enable users to conduct transactions with their crypto wallets directly from the device.

The news comes as Microsoft has emerged as one of the most aggressive supporters of digital currencies in the tech industry. The company recently announced a partnership with Decentraland to create a decentralized virtual world called Decentraland Island, which is powered by Ethereum blockchain technology. Microsoft has also been a partner with enterprise blockchain platform Stratis for over a year now, and has partnered with industry giant Coinbase to offer more products and services focused on digital currencies.

For now, the details on Microsoft’s planned “Crypto Integration” feature are still light. However, the documents suggest that the feature could be available in the second half of 2020, suggesting that users could soon be able to use their cryptocurrency wallets directly with their Microsoft hardware.

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